Paranormal Investigators of Central New York









Investigation Process

Set up interview with the client. 2 members will conduct interview of Reported activity. Do a tour of residence/business. This will aid in set up of equipment.

Investigation time and date will be set up. Earliest possible date and time will be set for Soul Searcehrs and client.

Soul Searchers will arrive at the appropriate date and time. The team will arrive early so the client can meet the rest of the team.

Soul Searchers will set up for for the investigation. Using such devices as: IR cameras, DVR system, audio recorders, and full spectrum cameras, etc...

Investigation will begin after set up is complete. The investigation will last depending on the level of activity the team is experiencing, and or at the discretion of the client.

Breakdown of the equipment and leave. Soul Searchers at this point will not share or discuss any possible evidence found until Soul Searchers can review all evidence collected.

Soul Searchers will guarantee a full sit down meeting with the client to discuss any and all evidence collected. We will also provide a copy of all evidence on a cd and also a hard paper copy for the clients file. We will also have their own copy on file for future reference.

Soul Searchersunderstands that paranormal activity doesn't happen on cue. Follow up investigations could be necessary.
Soul Searchers