Paranormal Investigators of Central New York


This was captured during set up for our investigation.You hear someone talking about the clouds.You then hear a piece of machinary running because of the hummmm.Then at 12.5-13.5 seconds a voice comes in saying the Jews.

Shawn asks what's wrong with the toilet.Our other investigator replies that the lid is broke.At 10.5 to 11 seconds a voice comes in saying "nice job" while Shawn is talking.No one hears this.

This was captured after the teams first break.Mike says let's see how this round goes.At 11.5 seconds you hear a voice go Whooooo.This wasn't any of the team.

This was captured at a private residence during set up for the investigation.There were only three of us in the house.You can hear us moving things around.At 11.5 seconds you hear a whistle happen just before Todd starts to talk.This wasn't any of us due to the fact we did not acknowledge it.

This was captured at a private dairy farm.You hear Sue and Shawn talking while walking through some leaves.At 13-19 seconds you hear liitle kids giggling right by them.This was them as they don't acknowledge it.And there were no kids on the investigation.

This was captured at Fort Ontario in one of the big casemates.Mike says we'll have to look at the picture on a big screen later.Then he asks Matt don't forget the k-2 meter.Then at 11-12 seconds you hear a low voice say Go Home.We didn't respond to it cause we didn't hear this at the time.

This evp was captured at the Wayne County Jail and Museum.Mike asks a question William Fey are you here with us tonight.At 9 seconds you hear a low voice say I'm Here.After this you then hear Sandy say something about crickets.We didn't acknowledge this as we didn't hear it.

This was our investigation of the Buffalo Naval Yard.Shawn,Kevin,Sandy and Mike are on the bridge talking about things.When at 9 seconds you clearly hear a Boson Whistle come through one of the pipes that were used to communicate with.Sandy and Mike both say that they heard a whistle come through the pipe.This happens again in another evp clip we have in the bridge.

Kevin talking with Tisha and Clara.At 10.5 seconds a distressed male voice says someone help me burn the flag.This wasn't heard by our investigators.

Sandy,Tisha and Clara are in room 112.There talking about different things.Then at 11-12 seconds you hear a male voice say Try To Help.The girls didn't hear this or they would of responded to it.

Shawn,Sandy and Jon are in the balcony area of the library talking.At 10.5-11 seconds a low male voice says No One Cares.They don't respond to this as they didn't hear this voice.

Carissa,Chris,Tim and Mike are in the basement barroom of the Naples Hotel.Mike coughs a couple times and then starts to tell the others about something that happened down there earlier in the night.But at 22-23 seconds a low male voice says It's So Cold.Mike then continues about what happened earlier.Carissa then asks if anyone just said it's so cold as she heard this with the parabolic ears that can pick up these voices we can't hear.All of us said that we didn't say this as it doesn't match anyones voice in the group.

In this clip you hear Mike ask what city are you from.He then responds that he just heard a hummm come from his right.He asks Todd and Sandy if they heard it and they respond that they did hear it.But at 19 seconds you hear a male voice saying something and not the humm Mike heard.We don't know what it's saying but it wasn't us.

This is during a walk through of Deja Vu in the basement.Shawn and Rob spot some burnt would.Shawn then says to Rob well you're the fireman.And after that you hear a little boy say Fireman.They don't respond because they didn't hear this.

Shawn,Jon and Sandy are in the sub basement of the Fulton Public Library.They ask if the little girl spirit if they could take her picture.At 12-12.5 seconds you hear a low female voice says Help.The team continued talking as they didn't hear this.


This light anomally was captured at the Oswego Players Theatre.

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A shadow cat caught at the Palmyra Historical Society.


Jon,Traci and Alyssa investigating in the basement of the main building.Jon is filming with the hand held.While he is filming the shelves a ball of light appears and it moves to the right a little and then disappears.This is not a reflection from any light down there.

This video was captured at a private dairy farm.Watch the rope at the top right of the screen start to swing at 15 seconds and then right after that at 18 seconds the stall gate starts to close by itself.And when it's closing the camera falls over by itself also.No one was in this area at the time.Also when the gate closes you can see the camera cable laying on the ground and it doesn't get pulled by the gate closing.So what caused this to close we don't know.

This was captured at a private business in Newark. This was in the basement of the main building.Shawn, Kevin and Clara hear footsteps above them. No one was in the building with them. This happens at 13 seconds and goes to 40 seconds.

A great piece of paranormal evidence: This video was recorded at Rolling Hills Asylum. Keep an eye on the curtain in the back, it opens and closes by itself. There were no wires or strings connected to the curtain, and there was no wind or breeze that could have caused this. The curtain moved all by itself. This is only four minutes of what happened over a fifteen minute span.

This video was captured at Brenda's Diner in Port Byron, NY. You see two meat timers on the shelf in the camera. During the video you will see both timers fall off of the shelf. As you can see no one is around the shelf. We tried to debunk this by rocking the shelf, hitting it and throwing a shoulder check into it. They never moved.

This video was catured at the Three Bears. You'll see a streak of light go right down the middle of the video from top to bottom. No car lights could produce this and no one was in the building at the time.

This video was captured at the Erie Mansion in Clyde, NY. There's a light pod on the chair in front of the table. As the investigator wearing the vest leaves, the pod lights up but then quickly turns off after the two investigators are clearly out of the room. During the video it turns back on by itself because in order to set it off you have to be within three feet of it. What set it off? We don't know. But something got close enough to it to set it off.

Dunkirk Lighthouse. Video was caught in the tower. This is a slow motion clip of the original video. When the camera pans back to the left it happens real fast near the top of the video. Between the top two steps you see what appears to be a shadow or an apparition looking down at the team.

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