Paranormal Investigators of Central New York

DVR System

Used to record the hot spots of the place we're investigating. The cameras can see in zero light, when the lights are turned off. This system will record any evidence caught on to its hard drive.

Motion Sensors

These two devices are set up across from each other but off center. There is a laser that makes contact with the opposite wall. When something trips the laser the motion detectors go off, creating a loud sound that anyone can hear.

Electro Magnetic Field Detector

The one on the left is a K-2 meter and is used to try and communicate with a spirit. It's said they give off an electrical charge and the K-2 meter will detect it. The one on the right is an EMF detector which picks up any disturbance in the electro magnetic field in your current area. This will detect any high EMFs coming off of any electronic device. If a spike happens that can't be traced to anything, then the EMF spike could be paranormal.

Laser Grip Pen

This is set up in a totally dark room. When it's turned on it projects a green dot pattern on the wall in hopes of capturing any movement in that area. If any of the green dots move then you have captured some sort of movement.

Digital Audio Recorder

This device is used when trying to communicate with any type of spirit. You might not hear anything when you're asking questions, but when you playback the recording you will hear any EVPs that were captured.

Ovilus PX

This device is used to communicate with spirits.The ovilus has over a two thousand word bank in it's system.Also you can download the update so the word bank expands to more words.It also has four different settings on it so they can communicate through each one.

Sony HDD Cameras

These cameras are used to record where our dvr cameras aren't stationed at.IR lights are used to illuminate more of the room in front of the cameras.All video is recorded on the hard drive but also can be recorded to a sd card which can be transferred to a computer to review.Soul Searchers have captured some good evidence with these hand helds.


The VRM is a real time evp device.Point the pistol grip in the direction you would like to record.Plug the splitter into the aux jack.This allows you to plug your headphones and audio recorder into.Now your ready to record any real time evp's.

Ovilus 4

This is the new ovilus 4.The device has nine different communicating settings on it.This allows a spirit to communicate through this device.The ovilus 4 also has a built in k-2 meter that detects any electrmagnetic fields.

Soul Searchers