Paranormal Investigators of Central New York
Soul Searchers was founded in late 2009 and uses scientific methods along with common knowledge to come up with an alternative explanation for what could be happening. We use the scientific approach to try and determine the extent of paranormal activity, occurring at any investigation.

Soul Searchers aids any individuals having problems dealing with or understanding of the activity that might be occurring. However, because we take the scientific approach to each and every investigation, we will look for all logical and alternative explanations for all reported activity, and for any and all evidence collected. When we are left with evidence that can't be explained, then you are left with what is considered Paranormal.

Soul Searchers is the first state recognized volunteer based group to be based in Auburn, New York and has over 20 years of combined experience in investigating the paranormal. If the client feels they need to have the activity they're experiencing removed, this can be done, however an investigation must be done first, before any removal can be done.

Soul Searchers services are free of charge. We do accept donations, but donations are not mandatory nor asked for.
Soul Searchers